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The co-production Process

This guide has been developed via a three-stage process. Stage One involved a wide range of consultation interviews with two main groups of people: provider organisations with a good reputation for supporting their peer volunteers and people with lived experience of peer volunteering. Via two focus groups, people from the lived experience network of the Revolving Doors Agency, identified the key topic areas for broader consultation and provided invaluable feedback on a prototype of the online survey.

Stage Two comprised an online survey promoted by 92 organisations and completed by 253 peer volunteers. People completing the survey shared their experience of the overall support they received as peer volunteers in addition to specific information about training, help developing skills at work, help finding employment, remuneration and control over the type and amount of voluntary work they undertook. You can download the results of the survey here.

Stage Three was the co-production process where Russell and nine individuals with lived experience jointly developed the contents for this guide.

The project also benefitted from an Advisory Group comprising ten individuals representing the three main stakeholder groups of commissioners, provider organisations and peer volunteers.

You can find the details of the co-production team in the section below.

The co-production team

Bernie Carr


Bernie has spent the last five years volunteering, representing the people who use the Services of Change Grow Live at Local, Regional and National levels.

David Breakspear


David is an active member of Revolving Doors Agency’s Lived Experience team as well as an independent campaigner for reforms within social, and criminal justice. 



I have lived experience of the criminal justice system and I work with various organisations to help promote positive change in the system as I want to use my experience to help others in the future. 

Jahmaine Davis


Jahmaine was a member of the Co-Production Team but sadly passed away in the early stages of the project. His energy and commitment to help others inspired us all in our work.

Lucy Quayle


Lucy is an active member of the Revolving Doors Agency’s Lived Experience team and is working towards getting a job position working with people in the criminal justice system.

Neil H.


Neil is a volunteer at Change Grow Live and uses his lived experience to advocate for people who use services.

Pippa Hooker


Pippa uses a wide rage of both lived and professional experience as a foundation in becoming a positive role model and advocate for change.

Richard Coyle


I’m a lived experience volunteer  who now does the right thing for myself and others which as led to my first time substance free in my life.

River Olivia Rose


River endeavours to be the change we need to see. 

Russell Webster

Project Leader

Russell is a researcher, evaluator, consultant & writer in drugs, alcohol & criminal justice. His blog keeps people up-to-date on the latest policy, practice and research.

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