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Grounded in lived experience

All the contents of the best practice guide are grounded in the lived experience of the more than 250 peer volunteers who participated in our survey and the members of the co-production team

In the best practice guide, we do not set out to recommend a definitive approach to every issue. This is because one size doesn’t fit all – the roles of volunteers vary between organisations, organisational practice is different depending on the size of the organisation, its culture and sector etc.

Instead, we seek to highlight the key issues and bring them to life by sharing the lived experience of peers who have volunteered (both those who responded to the survey and members of co-production team).

Below you can see short video interviews with people with lived experience talking about the positive – and negative – issues they have come across in their time as peer volunteers.

You can also download the best practice guide here.

More about this video

In this video clip, two of our co-production team model how peer volunteering should bring benefits to both the peer volunteer and the organisation they are volunteering for.

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